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NOTICE: GA drawings are for information only and may be subject to change without notice.

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Model Sort descending PolesCoreBearingsAdaptorCouplingDrawing
P80-HV4S2SAE 00none80-2410
P80-HV4X2SAE NonenoneA042S364
P80-HV4S1SAE 01880-2464
P80-HV4T1SAE 01880-2465
P80-HV4S1SAE 002180-2486
P80-HV4S1SAE 0018A040U971
P80-HV4T2SAE Nonenone80-2412
P80-HV4R2SAE 0none80-2362
P80-HV4T2SAE 0none80-2413
P80-HV4R2SAE 00none80-2378


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